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Why Hire a Certified Marine Professional

Did anyone do a consultation with you, or even ask what you plan to do with the boat so they could cater a solution to fit your needs?

Examples: Do you want the HD TV we are installing on your boat to work when the boat is in Mexico? Do you want to have to switch dish alignment every time you change the channel? Maybe your boat will never be in Mexico. Do you want to win a stereo contest at Peanut Island or do you only listen to low volume smooth jazz as you idle away from the dock? Do you want to deep drop for swordfish in 1800’ of water or do you never go deeper than 150’ of water and do a lot of inshore fishing? Maybe you could care less about fishing and just want to make sure you don’t run aground.

These types of questions, and there are a lot of them, will cater a custom solution to fit your needs, boat, and budget. Unfortunately, more times than not, I see competitors putting the exact same equipment, or some variation, on every boat. While that works out great for them, I have yet to do two even remotely similar jobs. Every boat I do is a custom solution for a custom application.

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West Palm Beach Marine Services

We are a mobile marine repair service and dealer for select quality marine mechanical, electrical, and electronic products. We install the products we sell, as well as perform full electronics installations, electrical, mechanical, and maintenance services on vessels from 8 to 180’. We service and support boats in South Florida and the Bahamas, and can provide our services to other locations upon request.

Marine Electronics

New installations, product support, upgrades, updates, and repair services...

Marine Mechanical

Maintenance, service and repair of gas and diesel engines and generators up to total replacement and/or re-powers...

Marine Electrical

Basic to complex electrical system diagnosis, repair, rewiring, testing and replacement...

Marine Yard Services

Propeller removal/installation, running gear work, thru hulls, stuffing boxes, and other annual haul out services...

Marine Management

Consulting, project management, yard management, 100 ton Master Captain services....

Marine Plumbing

Bilge pumps, fresh water, raw water, gray water and black water systems, head repair, tank monitoring systems...