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    Marine Electronics Installation
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Marine Electrical Service & Installation


We specialize in servicing, troubleshooting and diagnosing AC and DC electrical systems. Whatever concerns you may be having, we follow a logical and as efficient as possible approach to resolution. Whether it be servicing existing equipment, installing new equipment, or a mix of adding new equipment to existing infrastructure, our focus is always on longevity, access, and serviceability moving forward. We strive to come up with the simplest solution possible as that tends to meet our goals of the end product meeting the criteria of efficiency, longevity, access, and serviceability.

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West Palm Beach Marine Services

We are a mobile marine repair service and dealer for select quality marine electrical & electronic products. We perform electrical troubleshooting, installation and maintenance.  We offer support and upgrades on existing electronics as well as all new, completely upgraded full electronics installations. We service and support boats in the Palm Beaches area and can provide our services to other locations upon request.

Shore Power, Transformers, and Power Conversion Systems

These systems can range from power coming straight from the dock to very complex systems that are able to seamlessly parallel shore power and generators for an uninterrupted experience. With the coming and now reality of Shore Power ground fault protection at many marinas these systems need to be properly online to prevent outages, and more importantly, sudden death.

Lightning Damage Diagnosis, Surveying, and Repairs

A process that should begin with a full electrical, electronics, and other equipment (any system that requires power) survey. From that survey a plan can be implemented to bring the vessel back online. We are very familiar and have been involved in more than a few lighting damaged vessel repairs.


While not flashy or glamorous, whatever corrosion management system your vessel utilizes (or doesn’t) needs to be working properly to prevent potentially costly and even catastrophic damage.

Panels, Switches, and Breakers

Every electrical system, after the source, starts with the power distribution system. Properly sized and located panels, switches, and breakers provide that power distribution with circuit protection to head off a bigger problem in the event of a component or wiring failure.

Inverters and Charging Systems

It is especially important that these systems are installed and sized correctly in order for the systems that depend on them to function properly.

Solar Systems

Properly sized and managed, a great source of power, with some obvious limitations.